As the war between heroes and villains rages on, the air is tense. The pages of My hero academy They are steeped in fear, pain and violence, but an unexpected and sudden gesture changed the atmosphere. Here is the unthinkable secret recording of Mirio Togata.

After the numerous hits, Shigaraki undergoes a new mutation in My Hero Academia 366. Covered with hands, just like the original, Shigaraki displays a defensive form that sweeps his enemies away instantly. One by one, Mirko, Suneater and Nejire Hado fall, and when the villain turns his attention to Best Jeanist, he is in despair Mirio thinks back to the words of his mentor, Sir Nighteye.

When all seemed lost, a message arrived from Mandalay. That Barriers of the Flying Fortress are lowered for only two seconds and in that very short time the heroes have to stop Shigaraki from running away.

Even if it's only for two seconds, blocking Tomura is an impossible mission. At this point, Lemillion pulls off a brilliant stroke of genius. Emerging right next to Shigaraki, the shows his side b. Stunned, Shigaraki breaks into a grimace. This is enough for Deku to enter the battlefield and begin the final battle of My Hero Academia.

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