JoJo's bizarre adventure deals with the various members of the Joestar family in each of their respective main story arcs. While Araki, the creator of the popular franchise, is currently working on a new manga, several spin-off stories focusing on the work's minor characters have been released recently.

And on the occasion of one Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Winter Special, two minor antagonists of Vento Aureo will return to the spotlight. There are a few characters that made life difficult for the group of the boy with the dark bob, in that regard, if you are a fan of Bruno, you might like the cosplay on Bucciarati from Mushroom.

The return takes place Shark and Titian, a particularly close pair we saw in Jojo: Vento Aureo poised for the ultimate sacrifice for each other. The story, which will appear in the upcoming Japanese magazine JoJo Magazine Winter 2022, will be titled The Witness For The Gang or The Witness of the Band. Writing it is Keiji Ando, ​​who has previously written for other stories about the Kaiju No. 8 and which is appreciated by Sakuna. The magazine will also feature a continuation of Lisa Lisa's story, background on Hirohiko Araki's professional method, new information on the latest episodes of Stone Ocean, and a preview of the third season of Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan's live-action adaptation, too by Araki.

Curious about the news about the brand Jojo: Golden Wind soon? In the meantime, we leave you to read our special on Araki's unmissable manga.

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