The conclusion of the Wano saga became the protagonist of some memorable scenes, to say the least. Eiichiro Oda actually reserved a scene that made the internet go crazy over Luffy as the icing on the final fight. And only the protagonist of ONE PIECE was honored in an ingenious cosplay.

We're obviously referring to the deadly fifth gear, the awakening of the gom-gom fruit who gave the Mugiwara captain the power to defeat Kaido. Regarding this new power-up that is suddenly awakened by the protagonist, there are still many mysteries to be solved in the saga currently taking place in the manga.

Anyway, a fan tried to play this recently Luffy's fifth gear in an epic cosplay, the same that you can admire at the bottom of the news that has conquered the Reddit community. The user defective foxIn fact, thanks to a lot of creativity but also some Photoshop tricks, it managed to imitate with a certain resemblance the very difficult aspect of the protagonist.

And you on the other hand, what do you think of this interpretation of the Mugiwara captain, do you like it? As usual, let us know by leaving a comment in the space provided at the bottom of the page.

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