There are so many people involved in the sequel saga Hunter X Hunter. The mafias are also in the service of the various princes, but three in particular, the biggest and most important, are on the ship to wage war to gain control of the different territories. Kakin's Mafias were the protagonists of the scene in the final chapters.

Since returning from hiatus, Yoshihiro Togashi has been following Hunter x Hunter in the same way he left off in 2018 when Hinrigh sought out Hisoka from Xi-Yu and information about Heil-Ly. The two families clashed in Chapter 391 of Hunter x Hunter, and the ball has since veered into the courtyard of the moving Char-R. But there is also movement in the base of the latter, occupied by the Phantom Brigade looking for Hisoka.

In Hunter x Hunter 393, Nobunaga and Luini face off, the killer of Morena Prude, who expected completely different behavior from spiders. At the moment it seems that the man's goal is to kill her and that's why in this narrow space there will be a fight that will highlight her characteristics. But also keep an eye on Hisoka, who was able to return to the protagonist after a long absence, since he was found by Hinrigh's two henchmen. Will it be some crazy variable?

Hunter x Hunter 393 will be released on MangaPlus on Sunday November 6th, 2022 at 16:00.

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