With Dragon Ball Super on hiatus, Toyotaro dabbled in nostalgic original artwork. The author, at the helm of the manga series under the reins of master Akira Toriyama, has drawn a fundamental figure for Gohan's growth, Kaioshin the Supreme.

Monthly Toyotaro a Original artwork for the work's official website. Last month, a drawing about Roshi and Mutaito arrived on the Dragon Ball website, while this month's illustration is about Kaioshin the Supreme.

An ancestor of all Kaioshins, he was surprised as a young man by a witch who stole from him and wore a Potara earring. Hence her current body is the merging of her original body with that of a witch. This funny story is told in Toyotaro's artwork. In fact, Figure a The very young Kaioshin the Supreme escapes the witch's attack.

This is just one of the misfortunes that befell poor Kaioshin. He was also sealed in the Sword Z by a very powerful being. Freed from Son Gohan through a ritual released its latent power. In Dragon Ball Super, he warns King Kaioh of the North about the awakening of Lord Beerus, the god of destruction. Will we see him again in the next saga of Toyotaro manga series?

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