It seems a long time since first meeting between Deku and Shigaraki. In the very first volume of My Hero Academia, the young aspiring heroes were taken to a special training ground where they could practice, but suddenly there was an unexpected invasion of villains. This is where the protagonist and antagonist meet.

The two then saw each other very few times in subsequent My Hero Academia sagas. The second time was a chance encounter at the mall while the third time was the Extraordinary Battle of Jakuwhere a Deku capable of using the One for All much better faced a Shigaraki who had just internalized the All for One.

In the final war planned by Horikoshi, Deku had to face Shigaraki immediately. However, Toga's intrusion slowed the plans, but the final My Hero Academia cliffhanger allowed the two to meet face to face. Mandalay lowers the barrier for the required time allow Deku to catapult himself onto the battlefield and deliver a powerful right to Shigaraki in a defensive version.

IS The final battle of My Hero Academia has begunthe most awaited of all, the outcome of which is not obvious.

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