The Attack of the Giants: the first spoilers of chapter 129 arrive, another death looms

Two months without The Attack of the Giants are many. Following a monthly manga is already exhausting, especially if it has so many twists and subplots to keep under control as it happens in the Hajime Isayama manga. If you happen to miss an exit, the wait becomes more exhausting. Fortunately, however, the countdown has almost ended.

The Attack of the Giants 129 will arrive in a few days on Bessatsu Shonen Magazine and will resume the story from where it left off two months ago. Just five days after the official publication of the magazine, the first information and reports are already circulating on the net spoiler on The Attack of the Giants 129.

First of all, let's start with the cover that will see Okaeri Alice, the new series by Shuzo Oshimi, in the foreground but it also maintains a corner The Attack of the Giants with Eren in red hues as we saw it after the timeskip. The rest of the spoilers is instead entrusted to Ryokutya who for several months has been sharing his impressions on the chapters of the manga without however unbalancing himself too much on the information revealed.

Through his blog, the insider confirms that there will be only one chapter of The Attack of the Giants this month and that in the pages presented by Hajime Isayama there will be some deaths. All that remains is to wait for June 9 to find out what will happen in The Attack of the Giants 129.

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