Hajime Isayama has been in the spotlight for the past few days. The author of attack on Titanwho completed his most famous work in April 2021, has in fact become the protagonist of a series of interviews that go around the world.

The Attack on Titan author said he had a rival, this Tatsuya Endo, who achieved international fame with Spy x Family. The rivalry between the two is not at work, but in sport. The former assistant is actually his main opponent in table tennis. Likewise the author of Blue Lock is an old assistant of his.

In any case, Isayama talked about a lot more during the interview with the Brut portal. The sensei admitted that There are things in his own manga that he doesn't really like, but that still doesn't think the anime is the final version of the work. The Attack on Titan manga and anime are two different products for Isayama, with the former being comparable to a live concert and the latter being comparable to a recorded album.

Attack on Titan represents humanity in a bad way and in fact everything is rather fleeting for the Sensei in general, as is the success that has brought him in recent years. Among many other Attack on Titan tidbits, Isayama covered it Games of Thrones is also one of his sources of inspiration, especially from the point of view of the dialogues.

Master then said that there are several Differences between Western and Japanese audiences on the conception and treatment of the mangaka profession. While the Japanese public sees the work as a commercial product, the western public sees a mangaka as a real artist instead. We leave you with other curiosities about Attack on Titan revealed by Hajime Isayama.

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