Inspired by the Cold War that arose between the two main victors of World War II, in Spy x family Tatsuya Endo has created a world in which there is an "underground" hostility. This narrative universe has been deepened by the author's recent statements.

Also thanks to the recent debut of the anime series, Spy x Family is experiencing a boom that is driving sales of the manga incredibly. The community is increasingly consumed and fascinated by the members of the community Forger familyas this Spy x Family low-cost cosplay shows, but also from the bizarre world of spies that lurks behind the comedy facade.

In response to questions from fans, author Endo delved into the situation caused by the Conflict between the fictional nations of Ostania and Westalis. Citizens suspected of being spies, such as Yor fears, will be captured by the secret police. These people are tortured to extract information and then released. However, some no longer see the sunlight. Others, however, are blackmailed into becoming pawns of the police.

The mangaka then stated that the series it is not set in contemporary time. Loid, Yor and Anya live in a time that could stretch back to our 60's and 70's. Technology was advancing in those years, but there were no modern smartphones or an Internet line accessible to all.

Finally, Endo spoke about the phenomenon of desertion between the two countries. According to him, many have left Ostania, but not as many as Westalis. The populace would only go to Ostania to infiltrate and spy on the country, or to secretly meet their family.

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