The long, exciting final battle of Vigilante My Hero Academia - Illegals was solved with the intervention of All Might, Endeavor and other heroes. After the fight, after a critical situation, one of the protagonists gives up his job, but only to sign an official contract.

The protagonist of Vigilante My Hero Academia was just one step away from death. However, Koichi could Survive Number 6's suicide attack and is now in a hospital room. However, his troubles have only just begun.

Although there were no casualties during the match against the villain, Koichi is accused of making the situation worse. When Detective Tsukauchi gives him an overview of the situation and backs up the allegations against him, that's itSpeech by Makoto Tsukauchi and Captain Celebrity to save his future.

She later receives a visit from her boyfriend, Pop Step, who brings her an All Might sweatshirt as a gift. However, Koichi says he will never wear that sweatshirt and that officially gives up his life as an illegal hero.

Crawler's days are over, but only for a new Pro Hero to make his debut. After a pause for thought and a warm hug with Vigilante's friend without realizing it, Koichi sign the assistance contract from Captain Celebrity and finally become a professional hero.

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