there Saga of the Country of Wano is currently running in the ONE PIECE anime series has reached a crucial turning point. The Tobiroppos have been defeated, but the fight is still very difficult. As the Mugiwaras face off against the Hundred Beasts Pirates Superstars, Yamato faces his father to free himself from the chains that hold him captive.

After reminiscing about his childhood in ONE PIECE 1048 and making a promise to the three daimyo samurai of Wano, YBeloved restarted to Kaido's attack with even more zeal. Even though he knows he can't and only waits until Luffy comes back, his courage and desire for freedom allow him to fight on an equal footing with Yonko for a few moments.

Fueled by the Straw Hat's screams, Momonosuke takes off in ONE PIECE 1049. As an adult he is now a big pink dragon that can reach Onigashima. However, when the body is that of a grown boy, the mind is still that of a frightened child. In fact, Momo is afraid of heights and flies towards the castle with his eyes closed, which ends up causing damage and causing destruction.

Luffy finally returns to the attack on the roof of Onigashima, while Yamato uses the last remaining power in his body to deliver his strongest blow. After a long time we see them Gear Fourth Snakemanbut what will happen now?

In ONE PIECE 1050 It's time for Momonosuke to fight for the land that took his father Oden's life. Momo will say goodbye to her weak part and light the flame that lies dormant in her heart. Outgoing to February 5, 2023 Simulcast Streaming on Crunchyrollthe next episode of anime will be the scene of clash between two big dragons.

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