The Promised Neverland 180: penultimate chapter spoiler, the final secret is revealed

After four years of publication, The Promised Neverland approaches its finale. For several months, Weekly Shonen Jump and the two authors had announced that the manga was heading quickly towards the conclusion. Today, however, confirmation has arrived from the first leaks of the magazine that also bring the first spoilers on chapter 180.

The Promised Neverland 180 will be the penultimate chapter of the saga and show us what the true nature of Emma's promise to the god of demons is. At the end of the last chapter, the guys from Grace Field decided to go in search of Emma who instead finds herself alone in a snowy territory.

The first images of chapter 180 of The Promised Neverland that you can see at the bottom bring us back to the moment when the girl and the demon talk about the promise and it seems that the price to pay for the human was there: he will lose all the memories of his family and not only, he will no longer be able to recognize them if they meet them. He will no longer be able to join them.

The images show us happy Emma while running in a town, while in the area there are Ray and Gilda looking for her friend. At the end it seems that the girl manages to understand something thanks to an old man it is brought before numerous tombs. How will the promised Neverland manga end?

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