Enie's lobby was an important meeting place for the Straw Hat crew. Luffy, Nami, Zoro, Sanji, Usopp and Chopper face off against the world government to rescue a member of their crew. The most beautiful saga of ONE PIECE began with that Escape from Nico Robinthe archaeologist of the crew.

Always distant and cold, with their way of doing things that put them very far from the other crew members, Nico Robin underwent a complete character change during the events of the Tower of Justice. Initially intent on saving her friends by spontaneously surrendering to CP9, she decided to retrace her steps after seeing the Mugiwara's determination.

And so she, too, began fighting members of the Navy and the world government. Makiirisu cosplayers brought in Nico Robin cosplay with Enies Lobby attire. Unlike other sagas, here she wore a white blouse with purple polka dots and a long black coat that reached down to her legs. She also wants to live on in the shots proposed by the cosplayer and is ready to harness the power of the Fior Fior fruit.

Do you remember this version in ONE PIECE? And do you know how many outfits the mugiwara changed in the manga?

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