On May 8, 2022, Mother's Day was celebrated as usual, a day that aims to celebrate the importance of motherhood and a mother's fundamental role in the lives of her children. In honor of the mothers of the saga, the Dragon Ball staff released a celebratory artwork, but forgot one protagonist.

Dragon Ball's official Twitter shared three panels featuring three of the franchise's most prominent moms, bulmaholding little Trunks in her arms, the thenext to Goten and the Bulma's mother.

A picture of it was released in honor of Mother's Day two main mothers of the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. The picture sees #18 to the left of Bulma. Fans immediately noticed the absence of this protagonist.

Chichi is not present, as is the official Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero poster, as he may not be part of the film's cast. The absence that has rocked the web is another. In the art concerned Video is missingGohan's wife and Pan's mother, both great protagonists of the 3DCG feature film.

Why this forgetfulness? Possible that Videl despite the Connection with the two absolute stars, does not appear in Super Hero? Despite the controversy, Dragon Ball celebrates Piccolo Day.

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