Over time, MangaPlus has become fundamental for Shueisha, which regularly enriches the catalog of its digital platform with new manga series available for free reading. The latest arrival is super smartphone.

Given the temporary absence of My Hero Academia and the continued absence of Black Clover, a new manga series has been added MangaPlus digital and free catalogue. The first chapter of Super Smartphone made its debut on the Shueisha platform, a work signed by the author Hiroki Tomisawa (formerly responsible for Senka no Kanojo and Who I Am: Kore ga Jibun da! To iu Kagayaki) and illustrated by Kentaro Hidano became. This comes after MARRIAGETOXIN debuted on MangaPlus.

The super smartphone also debuts at number 23 in 2022 Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine, of which it will be the cover series. The first chapter consists of 54 pages, the first of which is in colour.

The manga series tells the story of a boy who goes to high school and one day comes into possession of what seems to be an outdated smartphone, but actually owns one State of the art. This "super smartphone", from which the work takes its title, allows you to do any kind of research. In the first chapter, the boy uses it for a good cause to solve a crime.

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