It is important to be well trained to deal with any situation that may arise. In fact, a quirk isn't the only way to respond to villain oppression My hero academy. A muscular and fit body can allow better control over one's power and unleash better power from body to body.

And when a character's quirk tends to emphasize and enhance physical ability, a fit physique is a must. Many of the strongest heroes in My Hero Academia have such a physique, as it also shows Mirko. The rabbit heroine, sitting at the top of the Japanese charts, always shows her physique thanks to a high-cut and sleeveless jumpsuit that allows great freedom of movement with both legs and arms. So you can see all the muscles of the body, which requires a lot of strength to be able to place attacks with very strong legs.

This mirko cosplay gives the idea, although not as physically placed as the Kohei Horikoshi-designed original. It remains a good performance though, complete with a carrot emphasizing his association with rabbits, as well as the white and purple jumpsuit with the symbol of the moon and gloves. Staying on topic, here is a perfect Tsuyu Asui cosplay in a hero version.

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