The titles of the May 2022 Boruto episodes had anticipated that the Saga of the great battle in the land of water and so it will be. Despite the numerous deaths, the war between ninjas and pirates continues in episode 249 of the anime series. Here's what will happen.

In Boruto 248, when they faced Funamushi, Funato, Kagura, and Hebiichigo lost their skins. But it wasn't just the Kunoichi of the new generation who owned the legendary needle sewing sword to make the protagonists cry. Boruto and his companions are convinced that Denki and Iwabei are also dead under the blows of the enemies, as the pirate leader said. On the other hand, Funamushi himself is deceased, as is Tenma. Seiren, on the other hand, was badly injured.

Episode 249, which airs simulcast on Sunday, May 15 on Crunchyroll, follows the death of Funamushi. Followers of the pirate are looking for them Revenge on the ninjas of leaf and mist.

The incredible series of deaths caused by this war brought one vicious circle of hatewhich brings viewers back to Pain's words in Naruto Shippuden. Boruto faces the meaning of revenge and hatred for the first time in his life and realizes there is no point in continuing this struggle by reaping victim after victim. Is it time to take advantage of his father's talk no jutsu?

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