there Spy comedy directed by Tatsuya Endo continues to find the consensus of the public and critics. While the sales figures of Spy x Family fade with its numbers, the protagonists of the work are now on everyone's lips. Agent Twilight's cover has been blown.

Spy x Family has conquered the author of Blue Lock and beyond. As reported by the famous Japanese portal Comic Natalie, Spy x Family will appear in An An Magazine. The back cover of issue 2299 of the Japanese weekly magazine about women's lifestyles features the manga's male protagonist, Loid Forger.

The illustration shows Dad Loid on a white background wearing a V-neck t-shirt and has a relaxed, smiling expression on his face. There will be one in the magazine, which is due out in Japan on May 18th Special report analyzing the charm of work and briefly explains its history. Additionally, there will be interviews with the original voice actors from Loid, Anya and Yor, and commentary from Hige Dandism and Gen Hoshino, who edited the opening and closing themes respectively.

With her secret double life, Agent Twilight has conquered the public. Westalis' top secret agent, dispatched to Ostania to investigate a warmongering political leader and maintain a climate of peace, has assumed the identity of psychologist Loid Forger. For the success of his mission, he first adopted little Anya and then married the beautiful Yor. What Twilight doesn't know is that his daughter is a telepath and his wife is a hitman.

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