Goku is the progenitor of all modern Shonen heroes, a character as naïve as she is pure, who remains true to his principles. May 9th falls on the day that fans of dragon ball celebrate the legendary Saiyan whose adventures continue in the new Toyotaro series. Any special announcements today?

Although not an official holiday, Dragon Ball fans celebrate May 9th as "Goku Day," a day dedicated entirely to the character created by Sensei Akira Toriyama. But why on May 9th? In the Japanese language, the Date 5/9 is read as "go" (five) and "kyuu" (nine).. Reading these two words back-to-back gives a similar sound to the one pronounced to call Goku.

Goku could surprise us with an evolution of Ultra Instinct, but it's too early to speculate. on social media, Fans shared thoughts and illustrations, at the end of the article you will find some quite deserved ones dedicated to him. Nothing like this traditional Japanese-style Goku Super Saiyan 4, but Twitter user @DBSChronicles makes the most interesting suggestion. We throw the hook at TOEI Animation, the company currently producing the film Dragon Ball Super: Superherohe asked for news.

Specifically, the insider attempted to ask about one international release date for the anime feature film, that after problems encountered by the company, will debut in Japanese cinemas on June 11th. At the moment the request does not appear to have been accepted.

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