The characters whose adventures and misadventures we saw in the world of Attack of the Giants - have reached the final battle. Hajime Isayama brought together all the important people for the final battle of mankind in chapter 137 of The Attack of the Giants.

After being kidnapped by the giant okapi, Armin was on the trail with Zeke Jaeger, the half-brother of his best friend. The speech that followed resulted in a change in the mindsets and philosophy of the giant beast, which then decides to do its part to end the roar of the earth. For this very reason, after a flurry of emotions triggered by the events of the real world, towards the end of the chapter of the attack of the giants, he can be killed by Levi.

All of these emotions and feelings evoked in the fans made that Chapter 137 of the manga commented a lot on the various social networks, Twitter in the first place. Many fans have paid their respects to Zeke Jaeger, who is now dead, but also to the entire management of the chapter, which seems to oblige the showdown between Armin and Eren. Will the two friends fight in the next chapter?

Below are the reactions, while number 139 of the final chapter of The Attack of the Giants has a deeper meaning.

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