The saga of the tournament of power of Dragon Ball Super it allowed us to meet extraordinary warriors ready to defend their universe. In the ranks of Universe 6 we saw the debut of Kefla; but what would it look like to reach Super Saiyan 3?

One of the new ones The most popular characters from Dragon Ball Super is kefla, fusion of kale and caulifla through Potara earrings. The mighty warrior can combine the second tier of Super Saiyan with the status of the legendary Super Saiyan of kale. But despite the incredible power, Kefla could not defeat Goku, who got rid of her with an amazing kamehameha. But one fan of the saga imagined what would have happened if Kefla could have hit Super Saiyan 3. The work created by Toriyama is often the protagonist of these incredible creations. Check out this Dragon Ball Android 21 Cosplay.

Artist SSJ4MAL shared a sketch of her on Reddit showing what Kefla would look like if he had reached Super Saiyan 3 during the battle with Goku. According to tradition, the Saiyan warrior's hair is grown so that it touches her feet, and her facial features are much more pronounced, almost wild.

Would this transformation be enough to take Goku off? Probably not; From what we learned during the Dragon Ball Super course, the Super Saiyan 3 consumes energy much more intensely than the Super Saiyan god. The result of the clash is therefore it wouldn't have changed. However, Kefla Super Saiyan 3 would surely delight fans. According to an animator, a sequel to Dragon Ball Super is coming.

Some Kefla SSJ3 sketches that I made by r / dbz

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