The main battlefield of the war of My hero academy it is certainly the flying one that Tomura Shigaraki was trapped in. With a concerted effort, so many heroes and hero wannabes keep the enemy at bay in a variety of ways, from support to direct attacks. Unfortunately, however, these have no effect, as Bakugo demonstrates.

The boy is in danger, but someone may be able to save him My Hero Academia 360. Bakugo is in poor health and Tomura Shigaraki seems about to pounce on him, but the other heroes try to intervene. However, Best Jeanist and Mirko are repelled by the enemy's weapon wave. But there is another group intervening: the Big Three of the Yuei. there Nejire Hado is the first to be hit with his shockwaves, followed by Tamaki Amajiki who has turned into a poisonous scorpion that stings Shigaraki.

However, the villain does not suffer too much from the effects of the poison, but still has to surrender to leave Bakugo alone due to Mirio Togata's intervention. The strongest student in the school takes him to safety and resumes attacking the enemy. Meanwhile, Best Jeanist watches Bakugo to try to heal his wounds, but the boy doesn't seem to react. But a fire still burns in him: that The young hero of My Hero Academia cries but keeps watching Shigaraki, read their movements. Will his explosive soul be back in battle anytime soon?

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