It was years before we saw one Vinland Saga anime. Author Makoto Yukimura has not had good feedback on the production of Planetes, his actual work, in the past, so he waited for the project proposed by WIT Studio. The well-known animation house has created an anime that is very faithful to the manga, albeit with some changes.

In addition to some changes in chronology and in the order in which some scenes were suggested, there are some scenes between episodes 5 and 6 that are not present in the manga. What mangaka Makoto Yukimura thinks of these filler scenes?

β€œFirst of all, I was very pleased to see a Vinland saga that I didn't know take the stage. I was especially grateful for the fifth and sixth episodes. Thorfinn broke up with his father Thors at a young age and ends up with him Askeladd, but in the manga I skipped what happened when Thorfinn was sixteen. The anime did a great job of showing the process of its growth and to fill that void, so I really appreciated it."

Hiroshi Seko also addressed this change of events: β€œWhen I was drafting the series, I told Yabuta that I wanted to show everything in chronological order. to illustrate Thorfinn's growth. "Apparently director Yabuta accepted the proposal, as seen in the episodes that aired.

Yukimura spoke about the themes of the series with a trailer as the second season of Vinland Saga approaches.

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