There will be many important things in the next ONE PIECE film. Since Eiichiro Oda was already leaked a while ago, there are some ideas he would have liked to have included in the manga, which he wasn't able to do. For this, ONE PIECE: RED will deepen Shanks and his character.

Meanwhile, the new trailer for ONE PIECE: RED allowed us to take a much deeper look at the situation. Obviously, Uta, Shanks' daughter, is at the center of the whole situation, but Luffy and the others must face off against marines and pirates, some known and others unreleased. but where ONE PIECE: RED is set? On which island will this battle prepared by Toei Animation take place?

In the trailer, a few seconds after the start, a few moments are devoted to the overview of the island. This is called Elegia, the island of music, hence an appropriate name for the area where this concert will take place, which has gathered many fans. Two distinct areas can be seen, one of which looks like a huge water arena with some islands, while the other has some unknown structures. The two blocks are connected by some towers and bridges that appear to be made of stone.

ONE PIECE: RED will be released in Japan in Augusttherefore, in the Japanese archipelago, they will soon know all the important information about Shanks.

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