From the debut of Dragon Ball great A lot has changed in 2015. First of all, the tone of the series, which is inserted as the midquel of Dragon Ball Z. Approaching this new tone also required a change in design and style, made less raw and urgent than that used in the old 90’s anime.

Likewise Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the first film in the new saga, has adopted this style, harnessing the skills of Tatsuya Nagamine and the vision of Naohiro Shintani. Netflix made the film available to experience the overwhelming power of the legendary Super Saiyan with this style totally different from that used in the 90’s movies where he was the main antagonist.

But what if the old style was used? How about Broly with the Dragon Ball Z drawing style? The suggestion comes from YashiroArt, who redesigned the Saiyan to bring it closer to how it was 30 years ago. Much more chiaroscuro appears, more shadows and lights that make the Saiyan’s body less homogeneous. At the same time, the expression and heaviness of the face also change. Would you have preferred such a Broly in your film?

Granolah was also recently redesigned in Dragon Ball Z style by the fans.

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