The early spoilers of ONE PIECE 1072 were sparse, giving a very brief general overview of the chapter. Much more complete information has leaked out on the web ahead of the official release. Here are the ONE PIECE 1072 spoiler complete with pictures.

the Chapter 1072 of ONE PIECE it's called "The Weight of Memories" and begins with a new memory of MADS. On the cover, the young Caesar Clown, Queen and Judge each deal in devil fruit, chemicals and weapons. It then begins with an account of Vegapunk's journal from his MADS days, where he refers to a "she" and an experiment that will change history. Meanwhile, Bonney transforms into a crying girl to attract Vegapunk, with the scientist falling for it and being captured by the pirate and then transformed into a child who can talk.

Bonney finds a door with a bear symbol on it and opens it after picking the lock with her power. So begins a Vegapunk flashback with a younger Kuma Bartholomew, hatless, wearing glasses and in a white uniform. The two want to conduct an experiment with the power of Kuma, which is able to make nerve impulses tangible, including memories. Vegapunk asks him to do it even though Kuma doesn't want to because he's embarrassed.

In the present, Bonney lands a material in Kuma's footprint floating in the middle of the room. Meanwhile, Kuma tries to scale the Red Line but is shot down by Marines. Back in the lab, Vegapunk warns Bonney that this is Kuma's pain, but she knows it's not because she knows her father's power, so she touches the imprint.

from the lab, Kaku uses his Devil Fruit's awakening to attack Zoro, but the latter reacts and stays ahead. Meanwhile, Brook protects the Thousand Sunny. But suddenly the four seraphim appear, who shouldn't be there because they didn't receive any orders. Then it is mentioned that these creatures have a will of their own and can adapt to battle and have chosen to support CP0. However, the agents don't want that because they run the risk of Vegapunk giving them some orders.

Edison and Lilith come out of the lab trying to recover the Seraphim, along with them are Sanji and Franky who want to protect the ship. Luffy and the others stayed in the lab. Lucci orders the Seraphim to destroy the lab before Vegapunk gets out, and they obey. But suddenly, Kaku breaks down because of Stussy, who now has the fangs and wings of a vampire and has a stream of blood dripping from her mouth. That will be revealed Stussy is actually a clone of a member of the Pirate Rocks, Miss Buckingham Stussy. She is the first clone of MADS.

Stussy bit Kaku on the neck and put him to sleep, and now he's going to do the same to Rob Lucci. The ONE PIECE 1072 chapter will be released on Manga Plus on Sunday, January 22nd.

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