Garou has changed completely since God settled inside him and transformed him into a mystical being with immense power that could truly become the monstrosity incarnate. Saitama failed to intervene in time, and so the bald hero of One punch man he could not help but witness the destruction of Genos.

The scene moved to outer space on Titan, where Garou and Saitama engaged in a space battle that also continued in outer space One Punch Man 168. The two continue to fight, hitting each other. Although Garou uses the same techniques as Saitama, the protagonist progresses too quickly and with a sneeze manages to destroy the satellite and also reveal the core of Jupiter, wiping out the planet's gases. The two competitors are thrown into space, with Garou managing to teleport to Earth, but Saitama immediately catches up with a fart as a propeller.

With one punch, Saitama knocks down the enemy, who begins to completely change his stance after seeing a hallucination of Tareo on the ground. With his new techniques before God claims his power, manages to send Saitama back in time, before the destruction of Genos. With one punch, Saitama knocks down the present Garou and then joins him who was nearby.

Now that Saitama has gone back in time, Genos is alive too, and the two meet again in the final pages of One-Punch Man 168.

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