In the middle of final conflict between heroes and villains, the mutant revolutionary movement finally met the racist society of My Hero Academia. Led by Spinner, the mutants launched an attack. Who will be able to stop this movement full of hate and resentment?

After the My Hero Academia Chapter 369 cliffhanger, the scene switches to Spinner. Seeking revenge for his turbulent past, the lizard criminal leads an army of 15,000 of his own kind at the orders of All For One. The goal of this army is attack the hospital where Kurogiri is being held. The mutants face only 200 heroes, including top student Koda and teacher Present Mic.

In a situation of clear numerical inferiority, the heroes retreat from the attack of subversive movement. However, Spinner proves he's out of his mind. Ever since All For One gave him a Quirk, the villain can no longer think freely and only thinks about carrying out his master's orders.

However, Spinner's advance is halted with Mezo Shoji's surprise attack. The aspirant Tentacle Hero finally lowers his mask and shows the face he was so afraid to show in public. Will his boldness stop the mutants and prevent Kurogiri from being rescued?

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