The love story between Bulma and Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z It is largely a mystery as the stages that led to the Saiyan Prince falling in love with the Capsule Corporation genius are not known. And yet, did you know that even the voice actors are curious?

During the events we have seen on several occasions some moments where Vegeta really shows that he cares for Bulma, exciting scenes that demonstrate our hero's profound change compared to the past. Akira Toriyama has never revealed so much about the origins of their relationship that the original voice actor of the prince and Goku, Masako Nozawathey are curious to know.

Goku's voice, in a conversation with his colleague, also said how Hiromi TsuruShe, Bulma's historical voice, was initially convinced that the protagonist and her friend would be connected in a story. Horikawa, Vegeta's voice actor, responded by inviting the sensei to one day draw the part where the origins of their relationship are discovered, perhaps their first dates.

Probably the marriage between these two characters was necessary to give Vegeta an heir who could stand in the story and reinforce this idea of ​​change in his characterization. And you, on the other hand, want to know more about this part? Let us know with a comment below.

Masako Nozawa and Ryo Horikawa's reaction to Bulma and Vegeta
by u/StarliteENT in dbz

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