Boruto Episode 261: Naruto the Next Generations has inaugurated a new original story arc that puts the new Team 7 aside to follow the events of an unreleased protagonist Himawari Uzumaki. A saga dedicated to Naruto and Hinata's youngest daughter was long-awaited and so expectations were very high: were they disappointed?

Finally, Himawari decides to follow in the footsteps of his entire family and become a shinobi. The first step is to enroll in the ninja academy, where he surprisingly finds Kawaki among the numerous classmates his own age. Isshiki Ootstsuki's former ship is not there for fun, but on a secret mission.

The premises to make this original saga one of the best were very high, but according to part of the fandom, they became completely disillusioned. This narrative arc, we remember it was unreleased in the manga series, has evolved into one Series of funny episodes and without captivating moments.

In particular, users are not satisfied with the treatment reserved for Himawari himself. While Boruto fought the Nue when he was 8 years old, Himawari at 10 is busy making tea. The complaints relate to the 5 o'clock tea incident in Boruto 262. As usual, according to the controversy, Masashi Kishimoto's female characters are heavily wasted.

For other fans, however, this saga is perfect after the one dedicated to Funato, heavy and too serious. Besides, it is Himawari's development is particularly appreciated and his character, more similar to his father Naruto than his older brother, continues to win over viewers. And you, which side of this controversy are you on? A new original story arc will begin shortly in Boruto.

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