At the end of July, Black Clover's serialization restarted with Chapter 332. With the resumption of publication comes a new manga volume number 32 in the series. A teaser trailer has been released to celebrate the release, bringing readers closerfinal story arc of Yuki Tabata's Shonen.

Some time after serialization resumed on Manga Plus, the Black Clover Manga entered the heart of the first phase of the final saga. Before the next fight with Lucius Zogratis, who promised Clover "doomsday", Asta goes through a hard training in the land of the sun.

Before proceeding with the events, the chapters published so far in magazines and digitally will be collated Volume 32 of Black Clover. The release of the tankobon was celebrated with a promotional video that spotlighted Clover's magical companies. Before you discover the movie, here are the Black Clover manga's exceptional sales.

The first part of the clip is dedicated to that Promise that Asta and Yuno exchanged as children, then leaving room for a focus on the Black Bull's components. Among these we find Noelle, who recently triumphed in the 6th Black Clover Popularity Poll. The craziest companies are followed by the Golden Dawn, the Silver Eagle, the Crimson Lion, the Blue Rose, the Green Mantis, the Blue Deer, the Coral Peacock and the Purple Orca. Will the teams defending the Clover Kingdom be able to face Lucius Zogratis and his paladins?

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