The beginning of the last act of My Hero Academy It proves downright complicated, both for the young heroes eagerly awaiting Midoriya’s arrival on the battlefield, and for the pro heroes determined to counter All For One. Meanwhile, Bakugo also tries to assert himself and faces the most destructive villain: Tomura Shigaraki.

Justified “In spite of everything‚Ķ‚ÄúChapter 360 of My Hero Academia, available on the MangaPlus Platform, begins with Bakugo on the ground, dominated by a cynical and disturbing Shigaraki. The villain lifts the young hero to face level and as he attempts to strangle him, the Big Three of Yuei enter the scene. Nejure, Amajiki, and Mirio devise a combination that will allow them to save Bakugo, but the continued evolution of Shigaraki’s organism, capable of responding to threats such as Amajiki’s toxins, doesn’t seem to cause the villain any particular trouble.

However, it is a phrase pronounced by Mirio Togata to freeze the destruction of Shigaraki for a moment. Aware of the fact that he cannot counter the opponent’s strength, Mirio intends to take as much time as possible with the help of his companions, hoping for Midoriya’s arrival. For this, he aims not only to physically beat Shigaraki, but also to provoke him by telling him that he never had real friends and that he has nothing to lose with his “destroy to recreate” plan.

Meanwhile, in the background of the fight, Bakugo is assisted by Blue Jeanist, and as the Pro Hero tries to heal and sew up his right arm, he notices the tears running down the student’s face and takes a look with the he seems to sense and anticipate Shigaraki’s movements.

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