The long pause that readers left ONE PIECE with no updates on the situation in the New World after the grand finale of the Wano saga is over. Chapter 1054, available on MangaPlus, gives a general overview of what's happening in the world, from Wano to the actions of the Navy to counter the rise of a major rebel.

A splendid color illustration dedicated to the four emperors opens the chapter entitled "The Emperor of Flames' which immediately transports readers back to Wano, where Ryokugyu purposely takes on the Nine Red Scabbards and flaunts the impressive Potential of the forest forest fruit. To interrupt the meeting, Yamato arrives first, and then the country's shogun, Momonosuke, in his draconian form. Momo is captured by the Admiral's Branches and begs Yamato not to intervene.

The scene then moves to the seas near Wano, where the massive Red Force is the scene of a conversation between Shanks and his companions. While the whole crew asks the captain to come over Luffy, now that he's become Emperor, Shanks goes back many years just by looking at the new greatness of the protagonist. From fleeing the naval ships after discovering the gom gom fruit to Moments I spent together with little Luffy in the village of Foosha, and when he saved him from Cliffmaster by losing his left arm. Overcome with memories, Shanks then approaches Beck and asks him if it's time to get the ONE PIECE.

The final panels lead us to Navy Headquarters, where Kurouma, Head of Investigations, informs Kizaru and the Grand Admiral Akainu of the worrying riots in which Sabo, now dubbed the Emperor of Flames, was the absolute protagonist. The revolutionary allegedly committed the assassination of Nefertari Cobra, king of Alabasta, and openly declared war by destroying one of Marijoa's monuments. Also, thanks to the help of his companions, they managed to free Bartholomew Kuma and escape, despite the intervention of Fujitora and Ryokugyu.

While the world acclaims the Emperor of FlamesAkainu vociferously promises to respond to any attack and return fire on all fronts.

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