The Recon Army has among its ranks the most suicidal warriors known to mankind. There are few who consciously choose to venture outside the walls at the risk of being devoured by giants. Because of this, many choose to join the garrison or the military police. In Attack of the Giants, the former are primarily pursued.

There's the protagonist Eren Jaeger joins this department, but with him are his friends Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert. Even some of the 104th Division's finest have joined the group, driven by the need to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. The young Krista Lenz, tenth overall, also decided to join the group for less noble reasons. This girl's story is then thoroughly explored until the reality is discovered, that is that she is Historia Reiss, the legitimate heir to the throne of humanity within the Walls.

Now that scenario is over, with everything that happens to Eren in Season 4 of The Attack of the Giants now beyond speech. But let's remember those times that seemed more peaceful, with a Historia Reiss cosplay by Mirei. Legion white shirt with straps, jacket and little more but the whole is very faithful to what was seen in the anime.

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