During the day, the comic reporters could talk today Rhea Ripley, a famous 23 year old wrestler who is militant in the WWE and a huge fan of Dragon Ball. During the interview, the girl spoke about her cosplay and willingness to appear in a live action series.

""Yes, a while ago I dressed up as Vegeta"Rhea Ripley said:"and it was a fantastic experience"."I've loved Vegeta since I was little, and I'll likely step into the ring later with another cosplay dedicated to the series. I think I'll pay homage to # 18 as the audience says I look quite a lot like her, even if it is by no means easy to be able to suggest your outfit again. I'll start working on it soon, but whatever happens, I promise you there will be more Dragon Ball references in my clothes!".

The reporter then asked her: "If you could play a role in a Marvel, DC, or live action movie, which one would you choose?"to which the wrestler replied:"If it was a Dragon Ball movie, definitely # 18. As I said, many say I look a lot like her, I don't know if it's the hair or something else. Come on and remember, I dressed up for Halloween 18 years ago in Australia. If I could interpret it, I would be happy".

It's always nice to see your favorite character cosplay, but even seeing him played by an international star definitely has a different effect.

What do you think about it? Would you see the girl well in some Dragon Ball live action? Let us know with a comment! If you are a fan of the Android too, you cannot miss the opportunity to check out the wonderful Andrasta cosplay.

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