There are many ONE PIECE organizations, but the most problematic for Straw Hat Pirates are government organizations. The world government has unleashes the CP0 already in Onigashima, and now it seems that these government agents will find the pirate protagonists under their feet again, with the necessary consequences.

The government sent Stussy, Kaku and most importantly Rob Lucci to kill Vegapunk, a death that would be sensational in ONE PLAY. In Egghead, therefore, the group will have to fulfill this murderous role in a mission that will be anything but easy. THE three agents of CP0 could actually play the role of antagonists in a saga that already seems structured to be a short path and with little intervention, but whose main task will be to reveal information about the mysteries of ONE PIECE.

In fact, with the current battle between the powers that be involving Blackbeard and Trafalgar Law, there may not be room for major arguments for Luffy, a bit like other sagas, one of the youngest Zou. Orally There are two directions that can be taken: The CP0 will arrive on the island after the protagonists' departure, thus avoiding them, or the CP0 will hit the Straw Hat Pirates.

In the first case, if Vegapunk is found in the laboratory and without traps, the mission could be completed, since the scientist seems ready to die. In the second case, however, a clash between Rob Lucci and Luffy is difficult to understand: it would be superfluous for the manga and, moreover, the balance of power currently seems completely unequal.

What seems certain, however, is that the CP0 will not play a marginal role here, but will not even play a leading role Egghead saga.

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