There have been many events in the past few months My hero academy. Japanese society was completely turned inside out between wars, escapes, victories and defeats, patrols and invasions, escapes and interventions. Deku tried to take all of this in hand and slowly exhausted himself both mentally and physically.

However, the fight with 1-A at Kamino's Ground Zero won him over back to the Yueito recover, to return to battle. Thanks to Ochako Uraraka's determination, even the first problems with civilians seem to have been resolved: they had actually gathered in the courtyard of the Yuei, who were angry at the return of the protagonist of My Hero Academia, whom they knew was one A goal of all for one. Slowly everyone was convinced, and now you open up new season for Deku in high school.

Arrived at the structure, in My Hero Academia 324 we'll likely see the boy fighting with his mother, All Might, and maybe even Bakugo. The boy has to clarify his thoughts and especially the situation with his mentor, whom he had left a few days earlier. It will be another chapter of the dialogues, however, with an ending that could include the return of the villains or some plan devised by the heroes.

My Hero Academia 324 will debut on MangaPlus on Sunday, August 29th, 2021 at 5 p.m. in different languages.

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