The tenth episode of the fifth season of My Hero Academia is finally here, and during a clash of unexpected events for Deku, a new truth is revealed about the One for all was revealed. What will it mean for our hero?

The 98th episode of My hero academia, Inheritancecouldn't be more succinct and appropriate given the events we have witnessed.

Almost at the end of thejoint training between class 1-A and class 1-B, the last fight finally saw our protagonist in action.

Deku In fact, he stepped onto the field with Ashido, Mineta and Uraraka against the opposing class consisting of Monoma, Yanagi, Shoda, Kodai and Shinso, but the match soon took an unusual turn when a new power has manifested for the current owner of the One For All.

As we actually do through the merger of individual quirks of previous owners with the core of OFA, Deku will gradually be able to use any of these skills, starting with the Blackwhip just manifested, the quirk of the fifth owner Daigoro Banjo / Lariat, or the one who showed up at Izuku in the World of Remains to explain us (us and him) the situation.

What other incredible quirks will we see in the anime from now on? Will Deku be able to master it to the fullest? And what will the other owners of the One For All be like?

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