The formation of the Teen titans has seen some changes over the years and in the third edition of the new comic book series by Tim Sheridan and Rafa Sandoval, the group's youngest incarnation has changed again.

In Teen Titans Academy # 3, Xiomara Rojas, aka Crush, serves as the academy's security guard. But when she gets a message from her father Lobo and some of her teammates try to speak to her, Crush becomes she refuses and claims to be dissatisfied with her treatment.

Crush then decides to move away from the group, to save return to his companions when the academy battles the suicide squad that raided the school to attack recruit Bolt. Crush goes headlong into battle and confronts Talon, but is quickly stopped by the original young titans who have returned from a recent mission.

When Crush is indicted by Starfire, who implies she would kill Talon, Rojas claims she is not like her father, and leaves Teen Titans once and for all. Crush's assignment will serve as a narrative catalyst for the upcoming eight-part miniseries Crush and Lobo, which debuts next week.

And what do you think, will Crush return to the formation of young heroes? The Teen Titans will be featured on DC Free Comic Book Day 2021. Here are all the details on Infinite Frontier, DC Comics' next big series of events.

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