The Virtual YouTuber is connected to the agency via his official Twitter account Hololive production, Natsuiro Matsuri, reported that it exceeded a million subscribers on YouTube. «Thank you for a million followers! Thank you to all of my friends and followers who supported me and made it possible for me to come here! I have no intention of quitting, so please keep supporting me as best you can!"wrote.

Natsuiro Matsuri is the seventeenth member of Hololive production (the eighteenth if the agency's official channel is counted) to reach a million subscribers. Other members likely to hit that number soon include: Hoshimachi Suisei Y. Oozora Subaruwho have 940,000 and 939,000 subscribers, respectively.

About Natsuiro Matsuri

She is a virtual YouTuber associated with the agency Hololive production, as part of the first generation of talent in the company of Yozora mel, Aki Rosenthal, Shirakami Fubuki Y. Akai Haato. Matsuri debuted on YouTube on June 1, 2018, and reached one million subscribers precisely on its third anniversary.

Matsuri is an energetic, expressive, and sometimes chaotic cheerleader. She is known for certain viral moments like wearing band-aids at school instead of bras, posting her own version of a popular internet copypasta video on Shirakami Fubuki's Twitter, and touching other members off-camera (including Hoshimachi Suisei, Shirogane Noel, Murasaki Shion and Yukihana Lamy, among others). Her cheerful demeanor makes her popular with her peers and is admired by her Kouhais. She has high levels of feminine power which makes her a good wife as noted by other members of Hololive Production.

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