An endless crisis is afoot in Onigashima. Due to Kaido's powers, the castle is on the run to stop in the Land of Flowers, which will become the new domain of the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts. Luffy, Law, Kidd and the samurai of Wano do everything they can to avoid catastrophe. ONE PIECE 1056 promises a great fight.

As Luffy and Kaido continue to clash atop the Skull Dome, multiple clashes continue to rage throughout the lower levels of the castle. It is the task of the two wings of King Zoro and Sanji to face the two superstars King and Queen while a Kidd and Law were reserved for confrontation with the other Emperor present in Onigashima, Big Mom.

When ONE PIECE 1055 shows that Terror of Sanjinow certain that he has transformed into one of the terrible soldiers of Germa 66 so coveted by his father Vinsmoke Judge, the next part of the animated series will switch sides to complete one of the mentioned battles.

After Killer freed Kidd from Hawkins' curse in ONE PIECE 1054, the worst generation pirate can finally fight in earnest. In Episode 1056 of ONE PIECE, Law and Kidd will counterattack with an unexpected and deadly combination of their powers. Will it be enough to stop Big Mom? ONE PIECE 1056 will debut in simulcast streaming on Crunchyroll on April 2nd.

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