Two new trailers for Lycoris recoil. Promotional footage from the anime, which will see Shingo Adachi make his directorial debut, also shines the spotlight on many of the series' characters.

Lycoris recoil will officially debut in July, but on June 12, TOHO CINEMAS Kinshicho Rakutenchi in Tokyo will air three episodes in absolute preview. Ahead of the premiere, the series' final two teaser trailers were shared with Sword Art Online's character designer and animation director directing it.

Lycoris Recoil's third PV film introduces viewers to the character of Mizuki Nakaharawhile the last highlights the blonde kurumi. The story takes place in "Lyco-Reco", a coffee bar in the historical center of Tokyo. In this café, guests can order everything from delicious coffees and sugary sweets to love advice, business negotiations and confrontations with zombies and giant monsters. The motto of the "Lyco-Reco" is: "No matter what you order, we serve it...!". The girls Chisato Nishigiki, Takina Inoue, Nakahara and Kurumi serve at Mika, the bar manager.

The project is entrusted Animation Studio A-1 image, who was also in charge of the anime project Engage Kiss. In addition to Adachi, the team includes Imigumuru as the designer, Asaura as the story's screenwriter, and Kimika Onai as the designer of the protagonists' work uniforms.

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