The saga of the Great Battle in the Land of Water definitely changed the personality of Boruto, who after the death of his numerous comrades-in-arms now rejects all forms of war. However, not everyone seems to share his desire to put an end to the fight between ninjas and pirates.

Despite the desperate situation, Team 7 has resumed peace negotiations in Boruto 252. That Don’t speak jutsu of the son of the seventh Hokage had the desired effects and Mizukage Chojuro gave the Leaf team a chance to mediate. If Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki succeed Convince the Funato Pirates Not destroying Shinonome-1 then Leaf Village will withdraw its shinobi army.

In the preview of episode 253, we see Team 7 heading towards the Funato ships and Boruto meets his former friend Ikadashocked by the death of his sister Seiren in Boruto 250. However, after hearing his speech, the new leader of the Funato does not change his mind and is even more motivated to continue the fight.

In Boruto 253 probably Ikada Funato starts when Boruto attacks, who must face what he considers a great friend. This time the talk no jutsu seems to have had no effect: will the violence change Ikada’s mind?

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