2022 will be a crucial year for bleaching. Tite Kubo's series returns soon with a new anime, again produced by Studio Pierrot, entirely dedicated to the Thousand Years' War, to bring to an end the translation interrupted in 2012. And if there are any future spin-offs of the anime series? Let's find out what Kubo replied.

There are many questions fans ask the mangaka, and they are often reported on Kubo's personal blog. club outside. After commenting on the possibility of introducing new zanpakuto and new bankai in the future of the series, the artist responded to the hypothesis of alternative stories and animated spin-offs in the future.

"Oh I see. If there is enough material, I believe it can be done" those were the words that Kubo wrote coldly and listlessly in reply. It is understandable that we look forward to returning many projects targeting both Bleach and Burn the Witch, Kubo is currently involved in various productions and does not want to think of more distant initiatives that would require further work. What do you think about it? Are there any alternate stories you would like to see spin off the Bleach anime? Tell us in the comments.

Finally, we leave you to the rumors of the Disney + exclusive of the new season of Bleach.

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