Despite what one might think Dragon Ball Z and Terminator They have a lot more in common. Indeed, the saga of the androids evolves into themes such as time travel or cyborgs, main arguments in the films of James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger. A fan started a cross between the two universes.

Seven Signs Art Artist has combined one of the greatest Shonen of all time with an immortal film that has made millions of viewers fall in love. The work of art he created, which you can admire at the end of the article, can be seen in theAndroid 16 takes on the role of the T-1000, the killer cyborg, played by the former Austrian bodybuilder and actor.

In the illustration, # 16 takes a position typical of Schwarzenegger, namely the one with the two pistols in hand and the torn face to show the robotic steel skeleton. The android is accompanied by John Connor, who is in this case played by Future Trunks. On the other hand, like Connor, Mirai Trunks is also the last one who can save the world.

What do you think of this very interesting and elaborate crossover? To keep the cyborg theme, here is an awesome cosplay of Android 18 from Dragon Ball Z. Leonardo Dentico created three great illustrations of Dragon Ball Z.

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