Already united before officially entering Yuei High School, Ochaco Urarka wrote an exciting new chapter in her unique relationship with Izuku Midoriya. Once again, Uravity saved his friend and made himself the protagonist in a gesture of immense kindness. This is the cutest heroine of My hero academy.

Yuei High's Class 1-A would-be heroes have finally managed to bring their friend Deku back, but apparently a new, serious problem has emerged. Citizens of the academy realized that Midoriya the little boy All For One was looking for and Tomura Shigaraki and despite Best Jeanist's words, they in no way accept his presence. On the other hand, Headmaster Nezu had promised them security, which was impossible with Izuku.

As the crowd becomes more and more threatening, the sense of danger warns Deku del imminent dangerwho fearfully takes a step back in response. With a look at his helpless friend, Uraraka takes matters into his own hands again.

With one jump, Uravity takes over the microphone from Present Mic and, floating in the air, reminds everyone that Midoriya is fair a scared little boy, a young aspiring hero ready to do whatever it takes to save the population and the Hero Society.

It was Ochaco a again protect Midoriyawho once motivated her to become the determined heroine she is today. And what do you think of Uravity's courage? Do you think that the romance with Deku will one day be successful?

We leave you up to the theories and release date of My Hero Academia 324: Now Are You Playing in Defense? Here is Uraraka's determination in a stunning color panel by Hexamendle.

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