Season 5 of My hero academy gave Endeavor a great opportunity. Having become the number one hero following All Might's resignation, the Flame Hero aims to become a symbol of peace and a role model for the next generation of heroes. What if one day he teaches at UA High School?

Endeavor is known more than for his extraordinary talents for his rugged manners. On the flip side, he was initially introduced to us as a bad parent willing to use his son Shoto as one Tool to make his dream come true. Now that this wish has been fulfilled, but only due to All Might's resignation from the scene, Endeavor is slowly changing.

Little Shoto's brutal upbringing led the boy to refuse his fire quirk. Thanks to Deku's words and the fight between Endeavor and the high-end Nomu, it is now Shoto himself who is looking for his father Enji as a mentor.

Together with Deku and Bakugo, Shoto decided a. to become Intern Endeavor Agency, the best of the Hero Society. However, the young Todoroki did it not to rebuild the relationship with his father, but more importantly to get to know better his side of the fire, which was left behind compared to that of the ice. So Endeavor's job is to encourage him to burn their flames with even more zeal.

In Deku, however, the flame hero teaches a keep controlto concentrate on "one thing at a time" and to control one's quirk better. Since Midoriya was deprived of her uniqueness for most of her life, she now has to control not one but two forces.

But what apparently learned the most from the internship seems to be Bakugo. Kacchan has finally realized that the path taken so far is not the right one. Sure, he's got surprising strength, but to become a professional hero, he has to go one step further now: learn to trust others and Believe in the strength of friendship. Here is the lesson Bakugo learned in My Hero Academia 5.

Within a few weeks, Endeavor was teaching the trio a great lesson by posing as an exemplary mentor, even superior to some teachers of yuei. What if one day he becomes one of the hero's high school professors? Horikoshi's original intention was just that! Here's Endeavor in a My Hero Academia 5 poster.

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