We have seen all kinds of merchandise items related to the animation industry, but the ones we describe here are certainly some of the most useful and basic to any road cyclist’s daily life. If you are in the company of your protagonists of. want to travel Dragon Ball Z Favorites, see here!

Do you own an engine and love the narrative universe of Akira Toriyama? Bilmola, company specialized in motorcycle helmetshas what you need. We’re talking about a new, spectacular collection of “bicycle helmets” dedicated to Dragon Ball Z.

After signing a contract with TOEI Animation, Bilmola unveiled a range of eight official helmets, each of which tied to a specific character from the world of Dragon Ball Z. The collection includes helmets dedicated to Son Goku, Majin Buu, Freeza, Roshi, Piccolo, Shenron, Vegeta and Cell.

As you can see in the picture at the end of the article is the chromatic motif and design of each helmet fits perfectly to the character shown. Gokus, for example, is inspired by its typical colors, namely orange and blue, and adorned with electrical discharges, as in Super Saiyan 2.

The Thai brand has created quality products accessible to all budgets: we talk about about 120 euros per unit. Biker what do you mean Let us know when you buy any! In the meantime, we leave you with two backgrounds. So they became Androids # 17 and # 18, and the names of all the Saiyans in Bardock’s group.

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