In a few months, after years away from the limelight, bleaching will return to the small screen with a new season of anime adapting the entire Millennial War saga, the latest story arc from Tite Kubo's Jewel. Here's everything we know about the new episodes.

While the production meanwhile opens a poll for the best episode of Bleach Pierrot study is accelerating work on the series to arrive in time for October, the air date Thousand Years of War Saga. As of April 30, the cast had not yet begun dubbing episodes, a symptom that work had yet to make good headway.

The synchronization sessions, on the other hand, confirmed how through Tite Kubo In their own fan club they started yesterday with the first episode. The writer was also the one who leaked most of the information in our possession about the new episodes, but here's everything we know about the sequel:

  • The sensei will act as a writer and screenwriter in the anime, in fact there will be one Additions and insights related to the paper counterpart. Recall that due to health reasons, Kubo was forced to finish the story in some chapters.
  • The anime should not contain censorshipInformation gathered both from rumors and from the author himself in a post in the fan club;

So we just have to wait the next few months to find out what additions we will find in the new season. And you, on the other hand, what are your expectations? Let us know with a comment below.

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