The world of fire department, created by Atsushi Okubo and now completed in the form of a manga, in a way reflects the real one. There are metropolises, obviously Japanese, like those of today's cities. Even the means of transportation are identical to those in the real world, but there is one big difference, which is the presence of hellish beings.

These beings are humans who suffer an unexpected self-immolation that turns them into infernals, bodies ablaze that must be defeated and extinguished immediately before they spread their heat to nearby people and buildings and wreak havoc. To stop them, another type of infernal is needed, those capable of controlling the power of the flames. THE In fact, Fire Force's protagonists are none other than firefightersreworked with magical powers similar to fire.

In the protagonist team, besides Shinra Kusakabe, there are several characters who manage to have their say during the main storyline. Among the first introductions is Tamaki, a black-haired girl the same age as Shinra, but who suffers from Palpatina's disease, making her an easy target for harassment. When she uses her infernal power, she summons cat ears, tail, and claws and attacks with lightning speed.

Cosplayer Muatori recreates that character in this one Cosplay of Tamaki from Fire Force. The firefighter's blue and black jacket is open, revealing the bra that usually always appears in the manga, but is also surrounded by an aura of fire used for fighting. It will be his turn in Season 3 of Fire Force.

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